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Vacation is about, well, relaxing…and for me, it’s about taking lots of digital photos. I recently visited Solvang in California’s Central Coast and wine country on a quick weekend getaway with my husband to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. I love visiting California because you get the ocean, the mountains, and the valleys in between, which all make for diverse photo opportunities. I like to photograph random things that remind me of the places I’ve visited, so those details can be included in my digital scrapbooks. Today’s topic is about seizing those great opportunities.

First, pay attention to the little details. What makes the place you are visiting so unique? Think about the things that you would like to remember years later when looking at the digital photo book or scrapbook album of your vacation. These details could include a local cuisine you tried, local art or sculptures displayed around town, or anything that reminds you of the culture and heritage of your destination.

Aebelskivers at Solvang Restaurant

Aebelskivers at Solvang Restaurant

For instance, while staying in Solvang, we ate aebelskivers which are Danish pancakes cooked in a special pan and turned with what resembles knitting needles, to give them their round shape.
Windmill on Foxen Canyon Road

Windmill on Foxen Canyon Road

I captured several photos of our delicious morning breakfasts, and looking at them now is bringing back the memory of the taste and smells and making me hungry! Another example of something I wanted to remember was the hundreds of windmills we passed while driving through the countryside, so we stopped the car so I could photograph one.

Next, don’t forget to include yourself in some of the pictures. Scenery can be beautiful, but having yourself in the photo gives context. If photographing something large or tall, don’t be afraid to crouch on the ground to capture as much of the object in your photo frame as possible. This may also provide an interesting angle for your photo. For instance, my husband photographed me perched on a rock at Morro Bay, and due to the angle of him looking up at me, it appeared that I was flying.

The Rock at Morro Bay, CA

The Rock at Morro Bay, CA

If traveling by yourself, don’t be afraid to ask a passerby to snap a picture for you with your camera. Also remember that you can use the self-timer function on your camera to set a delay, so you can prop your camera on a steady object, frame the shot and then have enough time to jump back into the picture before the shutter cycles.

Last, if you are not able to get the perfect shot of a famous landmark due to uncooperative weather or other circumstances, don’t fret! Remember that you can usually pick up great postcards to include in your photo albums. These postcards usually also contain a short description of the photo, which can be helpful when you are journaling about your trip to ensure you have the correct spelling and information about the landmark.

So as you prepare for your summer vacation, remember these tips and try something fun and new with your vacation photos!


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